Think Safety First - Household Cots

Your baby will spend a lot of time in their cot so it’s important to keep the sleeping environment safe and secure.

Date published: 
12 Apr 2016

Consumer protection notice No. 3 of 2015 - Safety warning notice (Frank Masons cots)

Wooden Baby Sleigh Cot Bed in white or dark wood colour. Sold with drawer, and teething rail supplied by Frank Masons Pty Ltd .
Date published: 
24 Apr 2015

Household cots with wooden drop sides - Supplier bulletin

Since May 2009 the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has been evaluating issues about the strength and integrity of wooden drop sides on children’s household cots.

Date published: 
18 Mar 2010

Household furniture hazards for kids - Safety alert

Make your home a safe place for children. Young children love to climb and will often play on household furniture. However, climbing on furniture can place children at significant risk.

Date published: 
30 May 2009