Pedal bicycles and bicycle helmets

This bulletin alerts suppliers of pedal bicycles and bicycle helmets to some of the hazards associated with these consumer goods. It also outlines some of your responsibilities as a supplier.
Date published: 
9 Oct 2012

Mobility scooter usage and safety survey report

Australia’s first national survey of mobility scooter users.
Date published: 
4 Sep 2012

Targeted study of injury data involving motorised mobility scooters

This research was funded by the ACCC to better understand the risks and harms of motorised mobility scooters from the perspective of a consumer product safety regulator.
Date published: 
24 Mar 2011

Fixed-gear pedal bicycles - Supplier bulletin

This bulletin alerts suppliers of pedal bicycles about serious safety issues related to fixed-gear bicycles, or ‘fixies’.

Date published: 
12 Jul 2010