Children’s toys containing magnets - Supplier bulletin

This bulletin provides information on the new mandatory standard for children’s toys containing magnets. It outlines the hazards related to these products, requirements of the mandatory standard and the responsibilities of the supplier.
Date published: 
30 Jun 2010

Flotation toys and swimming aids - Supplier bulletin

The ACCC is keen to alert suppliers to requirements of two new mandatory product safety standards: Flotation and aquatic toys and Swimming and flotation aids.

Date published: 
11 Aug 2009

Toy and nursery update - Supplier bulletin

This bulletin alerts suppliers to requirements of two new mandatory standards:

Date published: 
17 Mar 2009

More toys for under 3s covered by safety standard - Supplier bulletin

This bulletin outlines the requirements of the revised mandatory standard for toys for children under three.

Date published: 
7 Apr 2005

Balloon blowing kits - Supplier guide

This guide explains the mandatory standard, the responsibilities of suppliers and the ACCC's role in enforcing this mandatory standard.

Date published: 
31 Dec 2000