Window covering cords can kill poster

Window covering cords can kill. Prevent child strangulation by using cordless or inaccessible cord window coverings in homes with young children.

Date published: 
15 Jun 2017

Think Safety First - Blinds and Curtain Cords

Low hanging blind and curtain cords can be a strangulation risk to young children.

Date published: 
12 Apr 2016

Ethanol-fuelled fireplaces & table top burners

Ethanol-fuelled fireplaces and table top burners are associated with serious burns injuries. This guide provides suppliers’ information about markings, labelling and warning information suitable for this type of product.

Date published: 
29 Jan 2015

Corded internal window coverings - Installation guide

This installation guide explains how either a cleat or a cord guide can be installed to keep loose cords secure.
Date published: 
19 Nov 2014

Blind and curtain cords

This brochure has information about the hazards of blind and curtain cords/chains as well as steps you can follow to protect children from them.
Date published: 
13 Jul 2012